Towards open science one step a time.

  • Started

    June 2019
  • Graduated from Kiuas Start accelerator

    November 2019

    We have spent three intensive weeks in Kiuas Start accelerator program - the leading startup accelerator in Finland.

  • Prototype of the editor & reviewers selection algorithm

    December 2019

    The prototype is based on the analysis of citation graphs to search for the best experts to review any given paper. In the next iteration, we will additionally implement analysis of the content of the paper to further improve the algorithm.

  • Prototype of the collaborative editor

    January 2019

    The editor supports collaborative writing in real-time using CRDT (conflict-free replicated data types) over WebRTC protocol. Its a very powerful combo that doesn't require any central source of truth, naturally supports online-offline-online situations, and makes "real-time" part as close to being truly real-time as possible - fast, snappy, and scalable!

  • Alpha release

    Q1 2020

    This release will feature the fully fledged editor supporting real-time collaboration, citation maangement and everything you need to write the next great scientific paper.

  • We are currently here

  • Prototype of the peer review process

    Q2 2019

    Interactive peer review where authors and reviewers can anonymously communicate and work on enhancing the paper together in real-time. No more "reports" and "answers" pushed back and forth by email!

  • Release of the editor & reviewers selection algorithm

    Q2 2020

    We will release the algorithm as a separate online service, in which anyone will be able to test the quality of our reviewers selection. You will be able to input any DOI and we will suggest the list of experts that our algorithm would have selected.

  • Beta release

    Q3 2020

    This release will contain the editor and peer review functionality.

  • Full release

    Q4 2020

    Fully working service for collaborative writing, interactive peer review with algorithmically selected reviewers, and open access publishing.