Academic publishing 2.0

Full cycle of scientific publishing at your fingertips. Fast, convenient, and free from bias.
How is it possible?

Real-time collaborative writing

Preformatted design, LaTeX support, citation management, dynamic references and more.

Algorithmic selection of reviewers

Based on machine learning analysis of citation networks and text content of your study.

Interactive peer review

Lively and productive discussion between authors and reviewers instead of boring reports.
in development

Open access publication

Your published research is immediately open and will stay free for all forever.
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How does it work

Collaboration in real-time

Write together with co-authors in real-time and have no worries about formatting — your paper is already beautifully trimmed following the best practices of academic publishing. Export your manuscript to preprint servers if you wish.

Smart supervisor selection

Based on the content of your study and its citation network our algorithm will choose the supervisor out of the most renowned specialists in your field. We make sure that the supervisor does not have conflicts of interest with you.

Assisted reviewers selection

After accepting the invitation, the supervisor selects referees. Our algorithm helps the supervisor with this task by suggesting the most suitable experts for peer review who don't have conflicts of interest with the authors.

Interactive double-blind review

Authors and reviewers remain anonymous to each other throughout peer review. However, they collaborate with each other in real-time while making corrections to the paper, raising disputes, and discussing the issues. The supervisor controls the review process and acts as an arbitrator resolving the disputes.

Rewards for supervisor and reviewers

After the peer review is finished, the supervisor and reviewers are rewarded for their job.

Multiplatform open access

After a successful outcome of peer review, the article is published in open access with all the necessary attributes for citations, like ISSN and DOI. The identities of the supervisor and reviewers are revealed in the article and they will be publicly acknowledged for their input. We will never ask you to transfer your copyright to us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the papers published on Refereed be officially recognized?

Absolutely! The papers published through our service will be assigned with DOIs and integrated into global citation networks. Open access only!

Can I write a paper on Refereed and then publish it elsewhere?

Sure! We understand that the prestige of a traditional journal still plays a big role in academic career. Therefore, we will never ask the copyright for your study. You can enjoy all the benefits of Refereed and then resubmit the paper to a traditional journal if you wish so. The status of your paper on Refereed will then be changed to a preprint.

How are you going to guarantee the quality of peer review?

The quality is first and foremost determined by the people involved. Each paper on Refereed is assigned with algorithmically selected expert in the field (supervisor) to oversee the peer review process. We also introduce the system of rewards and responsibilities — supervisor and reviewers are rewarded and publicly acknowledged for their job in exchange for signing the published paper.

How will you gain prestige to compete with top-tier journals?

It mostly depends on you — the scientific community. We do our best and listen to your feedback to rebuild academic publishing into a fair, unbiased, and convenient service for open science. If you share our goals and feel that changes in academic publishing are long overdue, please, support us. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Who stands behind Refereed?

We are space scientists with academic background. In parallel with Refereed development, we still take part in space research projects and contracts with the European Space Agency. Geographically we are based in Finland.

Are you a non-profit organization?

No, Refereed is a for-profit startup. We want Refereed to be as future-proof as possible and hence we cannot rely on sporadic donation-based funding typical for non-profit organizations.

How Refereed is funded?

At the moment, Refereed is funded by founders' capital and governmental business grants.

Can we invite you to give a talk on our open science event?

Yes! We would be glad to present Refereed and our views on open science at your meeting. Please, drop us a message at info@refereed.com.

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