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Refereed is the community-driven platform for scientific writing, peer review, and open access publishing. Built by scientists for scientists.

Start collaborating with us

Our real-time collaborative editor is available now! During 2020 we will gradually launch the remaining functionality including interactive peer review and open access publishing. Please, help us become better! Check it out and let us know what is missing.

Collaboration in real-time

Write together with co-authors in real-time, raise discussions, and have no worries about formatting — your paper is already beautifully trimmed for academic needs.


Smart editor selection

Based on the content of your study and its citation network our algorithm will choose an editor out of the most renowned specialists in your field. We make sure that the editor does not have conflicts of interest with you.


Assisted reviewers selection

After accepting the invitation, the editor selects referees. Our algorithm helps the editor with this task by suggesting the most suitable experts for peer review who don't have conflicts of interest with the authors.


Interactive double-blind review

Authors and reviewers remain anonymous to each other throughout peer review. However, they collaborate with each other in real-time while making corrections to the paper, raising disputes, and discussing the issues. The editor controls the review process and acts as an arbitrator resolving the disputes.


Rewards for editor and reviewers

After the peer review is finished, the editor and reviewers are rewarded for their job.


Multiplatform open access

After a successful outcome of peer review, the article is published in open access with all the necessary attributes for citations, like ISSN and DOI. The identities of the editor and reviewers are revealed in the article and they are publicly acknowledged for their input.